Program notes:

The longest game in professional baseball history took place between the visiting Rochester Red Wings (AAA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles) and the host Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox). It began on Easter Saturday, April 18, 1981, and was played for three days, lasting thirty-three innings and a total of eight hours and twenty-five minutes of playing time. The game began thirty minutes late due to a lighting malfunction and continued until it was finally suspended at 4:07am – with only nineteen people left in the stands! The game resumed on June 23, 1981 with the “Paw Sox” winning in the bottom of the 33rd.

As a devout baseball fan, I have long been fascinated with this game – a game that was full of drama, close plays, narrowly missed opportunities, stellar pitching, and unusual heroes. The game also illustrates one of the most unique aspects of baseball: there is no tie; the game goes on forever until someone actually wins.

My interest in the longest game was recently renewed when I moved to Pawtucket, Rhode Island in the Summer of 2018. Shortly after my move-in date, however, the Paw Sox announced that they were moving to Worcester. I was heartbroken! With the team set to move, I decided to write a commemoration of their record-setting historical game. Set in four movements, I try to capture both the excitement and eventually the grinding toll the game had on its players.

Movement I represents the start of the game and the National Anthem being sung by a bashful local.

Movement II is a play-by-play retelling of the first 32 innings of the game.

Movement III seeks to express the seemingly endless nature of the game and the helplessness and exhaustion that settled on the players.

Movement IV is a play-by-play retelling of the final inning.

The Longest Game was commissioned by Nathan Kreuger, and the piece is dedicated to the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Score [coming soon]

Demo recording, mvt 3, measures 29 to end