Past Collaborations

* = Written for Keith Kirchoff

** = Written for SPLICE Ensemble

John Luter Adams Red Arc, Blue Veil

Aaron Anderson Malleis*

Ashkan Behzadi Cronistoria Plastica

Brian Belet (Disturbed) Radience
Brian Belet Summer Phantoms

Christopher Biggs The BFG*
Christopher Biggs Letter to the Moon**
Christopher Biggs Contraposition

Per Bloland Electric Moon*

Galen Brown God is a Killer

Lou Bunk Toy Piano

Fran M.M. Cabeza de Vaca Dancefloor*

Nicole Carroll Hand of Marseilles*

Ryan Carter On the Lights of a System and Consequences of my Decisions*

Christopher Chandler In Shadow In Shade*

Eric Chasalow Due (Cinta)mani

Miguel Chuaqui Translatio I*

Joshua Clausen Here Nor There*
Joshua Clausen Pidgin Cycles

Ann Cleare I am not a clockmaker either.

Giovanni Costantini Traccia sospesa

Anthony Cornicello Mirrors
Anthony Cornicello Waves

Ian Dicke Get Rich Quick

Alexander Dupuis relations in a series*

Jon Fielder Kerplünkte*

Martim Galvao For Four*

Doug Geers Sapling
Doug Geers Mille Regretz (fache amoureuse)

John Gibson Blue Traces

Peter Gilbert Eclipse

Annie Gosfield Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers

Brian Hackbarth Lines of Communication

Christopher Jette In Vitro Oink*
Christopher Jette utuquq*
Christopher Jette/Keith Kirchoff iteration two
Christopher Jette Electropology
Christopher Jette Ordered Table*

Marisol Jimenez Islas Migrantes*

Todd Kitchen Pedro Páramo

Katharina Klement Solo 3

Alcides Lanza acúfenos III

Elainie Lillios (tba)*
Elainie Lillios Nostalgic Visions

MC Maguire Short History of Lounge

Matthew Malsky Egged On
Matthew Malsky heterogeneous

Liviu Marinescu Shadows

Paula Matthusen of whole movements and migrations

Manuel Bonino Medina Triptych I*