Solo Instrument

An Imaginary Folktale (2021) solo piano [duration: 2:00]

Second Canvas (2018) onstage meditation for piano and live electronics [duration: 8:00]

Cross Polination (2017) trumpet and live electronics [duration: 7:00]

Acoustic Shadows (2017) piano and transducers [duration: 8:00]

Seeing the Past Through the Prism of Tomorrow (2014) piano and live electronics [duration: 9:00]

crook'd (2013) bassoon and live electronics [duration: 6:00]

oNe (2013) pitched (or non-pitched) object and live electronics [duration: variable]

White Canvas (2012) piano and live electronics [duration: 10:00]

OverDrive (2010-11) toy piano, live electronics, fixed media [duration: 9:40]

iteration two (2010) piano and electronics. Written in collaboration with Christopher Jette [duration: 6:00]

Piano Sonata (2008) solo piano [duration 20:00]

Variation for Kai (2008) solo piano [duration: 1:00]

Only Temporary: Seven Sketches for Organ (2007-08) solo organ [duration: 12:00]

The Adventures of Norby (2007) piano and digital audio media [duration: 14:00]

Doodles: Five Variations for Solo Tuba (2005-06) solo tuba [duration: 5:30]

Experiments VII (2005) violin and digital audio media [duration: 10:00]

Hymns (2004) solo piano [duration: 8:00]

Chamber Music

Emergence (2020-22) saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, and piano [duration: 12:00]

Consecration (2019) alto sax, baritone sax, bass clarinet, and electronics [duration: 8:00]

Irrational Rationalities (2015) flute, clarinet, violin, bass, trombone, piano, and electronics [duration: 6:00]

Irrational Rationalities (rev. 2016) trumpet, percussion, piano [duration: 6:00]

Monochrome (2014) bass clarinet & marimba [duration: 8:00]

Four Armed Whackadoo (2011) toy piano, four hands [duration: 5:00]

Incomplete Imperfections (2010) flute, electric guitar, bass, piano, sampler [duration: 10:00]

Gods of Thunder (2008-10) percussion ensemble [duration: 12:00]

Only Temporary: Seven Sketches for Viola and Piano (rev. 2008) viola & piano [duration: 12:00]

Dance of the Fyre Gnomes (2009) bassoon (or bass clarinet) and piano [duration: 3:00]

Piano Quartet (2006) violin, cello, clarinet, piano [duration: 9:00]

Hymns (rev. 2006) two pianos [duration: 8:00]

Size Doesn't Matter: Variations for Toy Piano and Organ (2002-03) toy piano & organ [duration: 4:30]

Christmas Suite (2001-03) piano four hands [duration: 15:00]

A Tale With Two Stories (2002) toy piano, piano, two narrators [duration: 25:00]


The Invitation (2017) SATB [duration: 3:00]

Prayer for Generosity (2016) SATB [duration: 1:30]

Aum: Mediation for a capella chorus (2011) Mixed Chorus [duration: variable]

Psalm 22 (2006) SATB [duration: 6:00]

Christmas Gloria (2006) SATB [duration: 4:00]

Solo Voice

The Longest Game (2019) baritone and live electronics [duration: 12:00]

Let Us Sing! (2016) 40 for protests, rallies, marches, and sing-a-longs compiled, edited, and arranged

Twelve Holiday Songs: etudes for voice and piano (2004-06) mezzo (or baritone) and piano [duration: 20:00]

Songs of the City (2006) high voice and piano [duration: 12:00]

La Mer (2005) medium voice and piano [duration: 3:00]


#chronicled (2014) smartphone, typewriter, video projection, live electronics. Written in collaboration with Christopher Jette. [duration: 10:00]


Concerto for Piano (2008-10) solo piano, 2-2-2-2-2-2-0-0, percussion, 6-6-4-4-2 [duration: 5:00]


A433 (2012) fixed media stereo [duration: 3:00]